“My 0.50” is a voluntary micro project undertaken by all the employees of Joyalukkas Jewellery as a part of its CSR activities. This project was first initiated in March 2007, and as a part of the strong belief that, together, we ought to give back to society what we can. The unique feature of this project is that it involves each and every member of the Joyalukkas family.

We believe that God and man are equal partners in life. God always does his bit, and we need to do ours. The part of God’s 0.50 is always full. Therefore, at Joyalukkas, we decided to do our bit towards filling the part of our 0.50. That is how we began the drive for “My 0.50”.

The company’s staff voluntarily supports the “My 0.50” project by a daily contribution of only 0.50 Fils (.15 cents) of their salary to the fund. This operation is deployed by an automatic deduction of the total monthly amount from the salary of the employees. A provision is in place to allow for adjustments, should any staff member wish to top his monthly contribution by an additional amount. In addition to this, the Top Management adds an equal amount from their personal funds into the “My 0.50” Fund. The total monthly collection of the “My 0.50” fund is estimated and projections for Annual Collection are in place. Thereafter, Fund Allocation is done in advance so as to ensure a strategic utilization of the same.

It is fairly easy to succumb to the habit of doing a good deed once and then forgetting about sustaining it. Therefore, to walk the talk in a sustained manner, such thoughts need to be actioned and put onto a conveyor belt for self-propelled action. This self-propelled mechanism has been developed by simply depositing the salary of the staff into a separate bank account and entering the details of the same into the software. Thereafter, the usage of the fund is done in a transparent manner through the application form with appropriate scrutiny from various levels. The fund management can be tracked from the software, to the very last 0.50 Fils.

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