Homes for the Poor, Tribals, Flood Victims and the Endosulfan affected. Dormitories for Differently Abled

Homes for Tribals - Peechi

A dam construction had forced the tribals families to relocate deep inside the forest and were not keen to move out from their habitat, Understanding the sentiment attached to the region, Joyalukkas Foundation pitched in with their support. A project was developed to construct proper homes for the tribals and their families within their own habitat.

St. Ann’s Manovikas Kendra, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh

The NGO serves the mentally disabled children, imparting education and offering shelter. As per Government orders, separate accommodation has to be provided for patients above 21 years. Joyalukkas Foundation immediately responded to the needs by constructing an exclusive dormitory for elder patients.

Bethlehem Abayabhavan,Koovappady, Kerala

Bethlehem Abayabhavan was provided timely support by Joyalukkas Foundation towards its vision of creating an inclusive society and ensure the dignity of living for all. Over 450 patients with mental disorders are cared for by the Foundation and a new dormitory was built for the residents to make their stay convenient and comfortable.

Dormitories for the bedridden Snehabhavan, Tirupur

Mother Theresa Peace Home, the first Medicare venture of Santhome Social Work Society was formed under Ramanathapuram diocese to care for people with brain diseases. Joyalukkas Foundation revived the project by extending its timely support and fast-tracking the construction of a new dormitory for the bedridden childrens.