Fight Against Novel Coronavirus.

As a part of the fight against novel coronavirus, we are conducting awareness classes in our branches with a view to equip our staff with all needed information about the precautions to be taken to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 or the Novel Coronavirus. In Mall of Joy today ( 6th March ) Dr. Mohanan Kunnummel,

Vice Chancellor of Kerala Health University addressed our staff detailing the various stages of the virus spread and precautions to be taken . Immediately after the talk,he invited the staff to come forward with doubts for clarification. It was indeed an informative session in which Dr. Mohanan cleared the unwanted fears from the minds of the listeners.

The function started with a welcome address by Sri P P Jose, Chief Coordinator, Joyalukkas Foundation. Mrs Jolly Joy Alukkas, Director Joyalukkas Group, expressed gratitude to Dr. Mohanan for his precious time and highly useful information. The session, however helped to dispel the the fears as well as to instil courage in the staff.