A Helping Hand to Support Ashraya Charitable Society

Ashraya Charitable Society Bommanampalayam ,run by Sisters of Charity is a shelter that provides asylum for 130 orphan girls. Apart from providing excellent education , they are also being given good living conditions and other amenities. Of late it was decided to construct a structural roofing to the care home in order to augment the safety and security of the senior girls ( above 18 years ) Sr. Paduva ,secretary ,Ashraya Charitable. Charitable Society approached us for help to complete the construction of roofing as they were short of Rs.2 lakhs..We assured them our help and immediately issued a cheque for Rs.2 lakhs.

In the photograph appended, our Coimbatore Branch-in- Charge, Mr. Rion hands over the cheque to Sr. Paduva ,the secretary.of Ashraya Charitable Society. Mr Xavi Kurian and Mr. Raphy T J ,Branch-in-Charges of 100 ft and Opanakkara branches are also seen in the photo.