The word Abhaya Bhavan, in its true sense means a safe shelter where you get homely care and protection. Thus Bethlaham abhayabhavan ,justifies the name giving shelter and protection to more than 400 mentally disabled persons both male and female..All these disabled persons were being accommodated in temporary sheds.No one volunteered to spend money on constructing a building for accommodating so many people as the estimate demanded crores. JA Foundation however took up the challenge and offered to construct a large enough building that can afford to accommodate all the female in-mates numbering 250 or more. We provided them with required number of Cots and cupboards also Construction was completed and the lady inmates were shifted 3 months back..

Now the Pandemic Corona has brought in fresh handicaps that hinders the smooth going of the Abhayabhavan..The donations that they used to receive from the well-wishers started dwindling which affected the management of this large institution .Cost of food, medicine and clothes needed large amount of money which made the running, tough and rough. Mrs Mary Esthapan ,again approached us requesting to extend a helping hand at that precarious situation which request was accepted gladly by JA Foundation.. Foundation Chief Coordinator Sri. P P. Jose visited the Abhyabhavan at Koovappady along with Angamaly Manager Sri Manoj Scaria and two other staff members and handed over a cheque for Rs. 1 lakh to Mrs Mary Esthappan the Founding President of that Charity Organization