Palliative Care in Shamshabad

Joyalukkas Foundation has joined hands with Prem Marg Charitable Trust for the implementation of a service project on Home based Palliative and End -of- life Care to Terminally Ill and Elderly.The major components of the intervention includes ;1) Developing a multidisciplinary Resource Team , 2) Providing home based qualitative and accountable palliative and end of life care services, 3) Creating Compassionate Caring Communities at village level. This novel project with a duration of 1 year will be implemented in 2 blocks in Nagar Karnool District in Telangana State.The target beneficiaries of the project would be the terminally ill, the elderly,dying ,disabled and their families in the target area,especially from the socially and economically marginalized section of the society..

How we care for the dying,is an indicator of how we care for the sick and the vulnerable people". Death and dying are inevitable ,hence, palliative and end of life care must be a priority of any nation. To address this fact, we need a collective and collaborative response from all sections of the society.We need an integrated health and social care system that work together with the people and for the people as well as which ensures the quality and accessibility of care by all without any disparities.

There are ample space for providing institution based palliative services to the patients .Yet the patients and families prefer home based palliative care services due to poor quality of services and facilities provided by Govt. and Private institutions .That is one reason why JA Foundation showed interest in this project .In the proposal submitted by Fr. Gibi N Jose, Director, Prem Marg.,they give stress for Home based care services by a trained multi disciplinary resource team.

We hope that the new collaboration will bring relief and joy to several families in the target area.The photograph herewith shows our Regional Manager Sri.Robin Thambi handing over a cheque for Rs. 3.2 Lakhs being the first installment towards the cost of implementation of the Project.