Joint Venture to support the Kidney Patients.

Joyalukkas Foundation and Cherianad Grahma Panchayath organized a joint program to provide consolation to the kidney-patients in the panchayat area. Joyalukkas Foundation offered to provide required dialysis kits and the Asha Workers agreed to distribute the kits to the deserving patients .

The official inauguration of the distribution was done by the Fisheries and Cultural Minister Sri. Saji Cherian in a function presided over by the Panchayath President Smt.Prasanna Rameshan at Family Health Centre.

Sri P P Jose , Chief Coordinator JA Foundation distributed the kits . Dr.Srikanth, Medical Officer spoke in detail about the causes and symptoms of kidney disease.Smt. Shiny Shanavas Chair Person, Health and Education Standing Committee, explained the details of the proposed project to help the patients. There were several Asha Workers among the audience. The Panchayath honoured JA Foundation by giving away a memento to P P Jose in the function.