Printer for St. Antony's L.P.S Poozhikkunnu

A digital revolution is bulldozing the world of wisdom. A time has arrived when just a touch can bring forth any information under the sky into your fold. And the outcome is a digital divide gaping at the olderfolk. The generation gap has widened into a tangible reality..Even among the growing generation ,there are similar slits between those who can afford and unafford to buy the digital equipments for learning and communication.. Pandemic Covid has helped to widen the gap,as the entire education system adopted online classes for imparting knowledge to the students. In Kerala, there are several thousands of students who are unable to attend the classes for want of a smart phone or Tab.Students living on the hilly areas ,especially tribals face the problem of feeble or lack of signals. A few weeks back, Foundation donated 13 nos tabs to Machad Govt Higher Secondary School for students who are unable to own a tab.

Very recently we received a petition from HM St. Antony's LP School Poozhikunnu, Trivandrum saying that they needed a printer to print and take copies of work sheets related to online classes. As we knew the urgency , Foundation immediately arranged to buy a new printer which was handed over to Mr. Gopakumar, A E O by our Branch Manager Sri. Shibin K Paul. Mr. Easter Bhai, Headmaster, Mr. Sunil Kumar C R O, Akil Marketing and many School staff were also present on the occasion. H M expressed their gratitude for the support.